Cabin Adventures III

Non-stop rain.


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7 responses to “Cabin Adventures III

  1. Klovharu

    How dare you. I’m at SFU right now surrounded by chais and laptops and storyboards and young men. I prefer the waterfalls and the bray brach and the honny tonny.

    • Marian

      I know, man. You’re at, like, camp 5 right now, in the death zone of boys and laptops. YOUR BODY IS EATING ITSELF.

  2. Kimiko

    1. Please tell me about the second picture. It looks like Cosy and Healthy got the hpa on in a major way.

    2. Why is Clairey at SFU??

    • Marian

      For serious, man. This is some kind of Kale, white bean, potato soup. It makes Kale taste amazingly not gross. – that’s not where I originally got it, but it appears to be exactly the same.
      The bread was a big, 6-cups-of-expensive-wholegrain-flour failure. But I ate as much of it as I could. I did better the second time.

      Oh, and Claire is at SFU working at an animation writing thing. Brandon is there with her, doing art for it. I am at Bowen, flouncing about in the sunny woods and eating a loaf of bread every day, SUCKERRRRS.

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