Happy Birthday Marian, Again

I know I’ve (more than) exhausted my quota for the word “birthday” on this site, and now that half a month has passed I have no right to be still talking about it. I mean, I think I’ve been quite restrained, considering everything, but enough is enough. On Saturday, though, my friends Sachi and Kimi made me a birthday dinner, and look, it was totally out of my hands, ok? It was like a giant supercomputer from the future took my original birthday feast, processed all the information, did some calculations using advanced alien technology, and came up with a new, superior birthday feast. With TWO DESSERTS. Nobody knows my tastes better than these people. If I had to choose my last meal on earth, I would want them to cook it for me, and I would die a happy woman.

Plus, look, they gave me a little wooden box of shinies. And oh, man, also a box of Finnska licorice  – I forgot to draw that. Brandon and I fought bitterly over the leftovers. Bitterly! Screaming and clawing! Well, not him so much. But he let me buy a wooden recorder, just so he could have the last piece of pie.

And I didn’t forget my camera, this time.

Thank you, nernies! LOFF AND EARFLOPS!


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6 responses to “Happy Birthday Marian, Again

  1. Sachi

    ANGMGH. Pictures + memory / Toronto house with nary a tasty in sight = WAAAANT.

    I’m so pleased it all turned out so well. The pie was rawther good, wasn’t it? And the beef? And the puddingandthecrumble, and I just checked my pantry and it’s still empty. Sigh, sigh.

    Miss you. I am sending you messages via the Manysecret Stone. Not sure if it’s working.

  2. Sachi

    Oh! And you got the recorder! !!!

    • Marian

      I think buying the lockpicks warmed me up for it.

      I’m glad you got your shiny stone. Now we can both be crazy ladies who sit in their houses muttering to rocks, and working on skills associated with illegal activity! Woo-hoooo!

  3. nout

    These drawings are great. Better than the pictures.
    Who says you won’t become a superstar artist.

  4. ohgosh, that looks so amazing and delicious!!!!

  5. angela

    i must have that pudding! =)

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