August, so far

Chocolate croissant, because they were out of almond.

Three Lions breakfast.

Dog rescue adventure! Best strange dog ever.

Gift from St. Lucia.

Adventure snack.

Nutty bread with honey.

Cabin dog, perturbed by lack of walks.


Sicky breakfasts.


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7 responses to “August, so far

  1. kimikimikimi

    What is Three Lions Breakfast, precious?


    • Marian

      The Three Lions – it’s about a block away from my place. I always want to eat there when we go out for breakfast, but it’s only available on weekends so I haven’t been able to suggest it.

      It’s so filling that I have to split it with Brandon (and you know how unwilling I am to do that).

  2. Killing me with the food porn here Marian!! So hungry……

  3. kim

    wow, i think you were born with a camera marian – your pictures are otherwordly! thank you for sharing! i get hungry looking at your photos but there’s nothing around these parts to compare – sigh.

  4. I must learn to eat like you, you eat awesomely!

  5. angela

    mm spices. =)

  6. Claire

    Next up, August and everything after, ’round here.

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