You remember my space sniper (and the Goblin Knoll, for that matter)? Here’s the ship to match. Man, wouldn’t a cosy spaceship be the best thing ever? Hot damn, yes it would.
Space ports, though, would have to be all muffin shops and fine croissanteries (for space muffins and space croissants).


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12 responses to “Spaceship

  1. kim

    i adore patchwork engines!!

    and in case they fail, the ol hamster wheel backup generator!

    great work Marian!

  2. Kirk

    I’ve had an idea for a futuristic outer space prose series for a while. But, instead of jet thrusters and all the typical stuff, space ships fly much like old-school battleships by sailing on gravitational waves. It all works very well in my brain, but it’s tough to translate onto paper. Something for the future, though.

    That Mouser’s pretty bad-ass. It reminds me a little bit of the DeLorean from Back to the Future II.

    • Marian

      I have yet to see those back to the future movies, alas. Brandon will no doubt force them upon me eventually.

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  4. What, no micro-brewery on-board? With that installed you can finally brew a bacon-beer, thereby allowing humanity (goblinity?) to store their bacon and their beer in one compartment!

    Frankly, I think interstellar travel will remain nothing more than a pipe dream until this crucial step is perfected.

  5. R. Ross

    This is awesome! I just read Beast, great work on that. :)

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