Impossible Jacket VI

This is a knit jacket-sweater thing that I’ve wanted for the past couple months. It’s exactly my sort simple old man get-up, yes? I know you all think it ought to be made of baby unicorn hairs for that price, but I could almost imagine myself going for it if circumstances were really favourable. As it is, that second studio/apartment has to take precedence.

I also have to take a moment to complain – wordpress has deleted the template I was using, and my feeble CSS abilities aren’t getting me very far in making it look normal again (why does every template have to have a hundred unnecessary boxes and lines and whatnot? Come on. Don’t do that). I’m not sure what to do about this, exactly, but if things look weird for a while, or possibly and tragically forevermore, that is why.
EDIT – WordPress was extremely quick in helping me fix all that, so thanks WordPress, you went above and beyond!


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2 responses to “Impossible Jacket VI

  1. K

    Just in case no one else has ever said it (not that I think that is the case), but I love love love your goblin drawings.

    That is all I got to say today.

  2. Sister

    The shiny pouches are all that I desire in life. Somthing between chainmail and mesh.

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