Things I Want 4

For the first time in several years, I won’t have an enormous, distracting external deadline during the summer. Consequently, I am romanticising the living piss out of it. Also, perhaps you didn’t know, but a person can’t function properly unless they get adequate sunshine on their ankles. What, you’ve never heard of ankles needing sunshine? Well Mighty Science says so, so don’t talk back.

All roads lead to wanting, and what I need in order to both properly enjoy my summer of freedom and not die slowly from lack of sunlight absorption are these N.D.C. sandals. Because if I have to spend one more summer walking for hours at a time with my feet boiling in my closed shoes, well, I will not be pleased. And before you say anything about these being, like, girl sandals or something, check out how they raise your evasion. And to completely justify this want, as if I hadn’t already, I’m attending a wedding in August and somehow I expect that my three pairs of beat-up, fray-laced shoes won’t quite cut it.

They are simple and perfect, yes? Case closed? Happy birthday Marian?


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4 responses to “Things I Want 4

  1. monique r.

    potential cheaper option:

    the same style is not represented exactly here but the same idea, in that they supply handmade leather sandals. i haven’t ordered from them yet, but I am planning to.

    • Marian

      Nice, I’ve actually checked that shop out a couple times too. None of the sandals are quite what I want, but I really like the look of them in general, so I figure it’s only a matter of time.

      So If you do order, let me know what you think.

  2. kim

    cool sandals are like the house the 4th pig built, that the wolf couldn’t blow down because they’ve already walked off :)

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