2011, so far

Here is my customary end-of-year emptying of the memory card. 2011: strong in marmalade and chickens.

For my part I’m anti-resolutions, but I do promise to start emailing people back tomorrow since I’ve been avoiding logging-in for the past two weeks (which is to say, the past two months). 2011: weak in timely correspondence. All those other years, too. Also weak in that.

I’m spending my New Year’s Eve alone in my island fastness, as I like to do, complete with fire and onesie and a plentiful selection of bread items. Pretty pleased with myself, I have to say.

Happy New Year, guys!


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11 responses to “2011, so far

  1. Mhmmm, everything here looks superb. How I want more rustic bread and jam in 2012! Happy New Year!!

  2. I just got jars like the one in that last shot for Christmas, what is it about those kinds of jars and wanting to fill them with interesting pretty things? The small jar I filled with shells I scavenged from a small sub-tropic southern island shore from a recent summer trip to Japan, and the other for a few crystals I just picked up from that granville island shop you mentioned, hehe. The textures and their lovely things to gaze upon.

    I also just bought my first indoor bonsai which I’ve become horribly obsessed with and really wish I could grow moss around its base, but I don’t think moss likes the indoors. :|

    Cheers, Happy New Years!

  3. kim

    memory card?

    marion, these are postcards from the heart :)

    happiness always, for your candy-wrapped years!

  4. Happy New Year!

    What a glorious assortment of treasures on display!

  5. jho

    you never did send me an email! i remember! :P
    looking deliciouxxxxx

  6. Haha. I liked watching the mushrooms get all scrambled. That yuzu marmalade is my favorite! In Japan we used to mix it with hot water to make a hot yuzu-cha.

  7. Paul

    As always you make meel feel hungry and in need of a cosy place.

    Saw this and thought you might like. Gamer Gourmet – including recipes for Skyrim food (have to scroll down a bit)

  8. Leia

    Your food always looks so delicious! One of these days you must give us a list of your favorite recipes! :3

  9. Cody B

    Mushrooooms! Both the slimy mushroom salad and mushroom+egg saute-thing filled my eyes with glee. For some reason I expect the former item to taste vinegary.

  10. soukup

    So, I know you probably don’t need more items to add to your Cribbers List, but I just stumbled on this etsy today and many of the things it sells strike me as things you might like. Do shinies still count as shinies if they’re shinies for wearing?


    *back to lurking in your blog like a lurky lurker*

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