I can’t make a proper post happen this week, but I want to point out that I did some illustrations for Inventory Magazine. I’m particularly pleased about this one, partly because it’s a local production, but also because the contents are so perfectly Hchommish. So get a hold of a copy if you can.


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14 responses to “Inventory

  1. What’s Inventory Magazine ? Are all the pages presented as lists like this one ?

    • Marian

      I’d say It’s a men’s fashion magazine, with emphasis on the actual industry involved, and how things are made, and stuff like that. The list of objects is a one-per-issue thing.

  2. somehow i saw this coming, was about time! congrats

  3. you’re making my mailbox happy again, with a new magazine subscription!

    that coffee grinder looks grand – and i don’t even drink coffee! but i do love the aroma of it :)

    • Marian

      I hope you enjoy it! Nice photography, and details of people’s workshops and stuff.

      I barely ever make coffee myself, but I still want all the attractive coffee paraphernalia.

  4. Eric F

    Hooray! I’ve been wanting to beg the guys at the store to ask you to illustrate the mag since I first saw your work–your drawing of a Bedford jacket on the Nepenthes blog. So glad it happened.

    • Marian

      That is awesome to hear – thanks! I was really pleased by the offer, as I’d been coveting (and sometimes buying) their stock for while.

  5. Cody B

    What an interesting topic, going on what I can make out of the text. These drawings are much more pleasant to behold than a collage of photographs would have been.

    • Marian

      It’s a cool thing they do every issue, the “illustrated examples.” I agree that it’s nicer to look at (well, I would).

  6. chris

    what? that’s awesome it fits with the magazine very well

  7. I meant to ask you this on your food list, but I forgot about it until now. What exactly is the pudding you’re eating, anyhow? Inquiring minds would be pleased as punch to know.

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