Midwinter Want List


Here’s a quick midwinter want list. Let’s bang it out, so I can crawl into my sickbed and sleep nearly forever.

My grandfather (though actually an atheist, like everyone I’m related to) used to joke that he was a Neo Druid. My mum even told me today, that she listed “Neo Druid” as her religion, on her university application form (she is a badass).

Anyway, for all these reasons (and more that my brain is too fuzzy to conjure in detail), I’m very excited about the winter solstice as a thing. It seems like a much more reasonable candidate for the day of colorful lights and eating fine things and giving presents, but that could just be my own impatience.

So, list. From left to right,

1. Witchy dark candles. They still have to be beeswax, though. Always beeswax forever. Spend all your money on things that you will burn.

2. Dates and oranges.

3. I’ve been wearing stuff on my wrists, lately. It’s my new thing. In lieu of having any real bracelets, I’ve just been tying on bits of ribbon from packages, but I’d like a broader range. Realistically, just leather ones and stuff, but also (most uncharacteristically) I’m totally obsessed with these. Because dear fucking god, they are tubes filled with shinies? Tell me what the flaws are, in this scenario. There are no flaws.

4. I’m slowly becoming one of those plant people. One of those plant people who has lots of fussy plants. Not yet “lots”, in my case, but that’s what I’m aiming for in the end. Dear Father Solstice, can I have a plant? I need to replace some of the ones that died, during my process of learning how to become one of those plant people.

5. Huge piece of black quartz. It’s just what I really, really want.

6. Entire box of chocolates all to myself. This never goes well, because I just end up eating the entire thing in one sitting, then feeling really sick. But I still want them.

7. Bone knife? Well, I don’t exactly want this in a real sense, but maybe for, uh, Neo-Druid rituals? I think I just wanted to draw it.

8. I’ve always felt that my day to day life was lacking in rough-carved wooden bowls and goblets.

9. I’ve been throwing these shoes on want lists for at least two years now. But I still need them, so on we go. I’m not sure why I drew Yoshi on the tag, it just seemed really hilarious in the moment.


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5 responses to “Midwinter Want List

  1. I’ve always wanted a bone or wooden knife. Rather hard to come by in – or have shipped to – my country.

  2. I remember drawing last year when I was struck with the pneumonia (so fun) and finding everything I did to be pretty funny. Jury’s still out on whether that’s actually the case or not.

    Either way, I hope you are on the mend and that you got everything your neo druid heart desires! Personally I’m about to go research black candles, because somehow I never thought of how cool they would be until you mentioned them!

  3. rad! I love drawing want lists!!

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