My dear old Moss died last week. What a fine, weird creature he was. I’m happy that he made it all the way through his life, to be a tottery old man who snarled at puppies and stole butter from tabletops.


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4 responses to “Moss

  1. Colt

    Sorry to hear about your dog’s passing, Marian. I always liked seeing him pop up in your work. That comic you did about the mice in your apartment, with your dog depicted as this giant dragon-like beast, has always stuck in my mind.

  2. Sorry for your loss. He looked like a fine dog x

  3. albertopr

    When an individual forges an intense bond with a beloved pet, the passing of this creature is an excruciating loss. I´m so sorry for your loss because I know how it is to come home to a pet which is a source of joy and comfort. I wish you all the best.

  4. Sorry to hear about you loss. Beautiful drawing, actually I like all of you drawings :)

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