Jean Jacket


Once, in a bygone age, I bought new jackets like they were no big deal. New jacket? Pshaw. Three jackets a year, at least, and time let me play and be golden in the mercy of his means. But a new jacket means more to me now, and I have to consider very carefully how it’s going to fit into my wardrobe, and what I’m going to wear it with, and so on.

So here is my new black jean jacket, three ways:

1. Personal everyday uniform of black jeans, white/grey/black men’s t-shirt, and sneakers. I like to think that this outfit is a blank canvas for the excellence of a jacket (and by “like to think”, I mean that I came up with it just right now).

2. All baggy everything. I’ve been trying really hard to master this style and discover just the right balance of proportions, but I suspect that the key to it looking really awesome is actually just not giving a shit.

3. Strange nerd-mage with embarrassing fantasy accoutrements? Truly, I wish that I owned this absurd full body hood-tunic. I like to think that a slightly braver Marian could dip her toes into the wide waters of androgynous skirts and dresses. Future hopes and dreams.


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8 responses to “Jean Jacket

  1. Austin

    Seeing a new HChom post fills me with great excitement and joy. This post is no exception! I think you should rock all the androgynous dresses your heart desires

    • Marian

      Thank you! My aim for the second half of this year is to post a lot more frequently, and nevermind if I get a bit repetitive.

  2. I also struggle with figuring out the baggy look anymore. Once upon a time, in the ’90s, I was a grunge kid and I had no problem, but somehow it eludes me now. I suspect you are right about the key being not giving the slightest fuck, which was easier back then I fear.

    Honestly though, all I really want is a pair of those slip-ons/sandals/skeleton of moccasins that seem to be all the rage within goblin society (well, besides oxfords, I mean). I have a mighty need for these goblin rogue shoes to be on mah feet. Maybe one day you’ll have your own line of apparel, and my dream will be fulfilled.

    • Marian

      I’m recalling the 90’s too. Maybe something about being a kid or teenager (in my case) and it being easier not to give a fuck because you haven’t yet accumulated an adult quantity of fucks. I’ll make that my current working theory.

      And I know, I dread the day that these sandals disintegrate (as all my shoes eventually do). I try to spare them the longer walks.

  3. Julie

    friends of friends make these! fer real, thanks for magic land hchom and best of luck on your travels far and wide.

  4. That`s Amazing, your very inspired.

  5. shaggykorean

    forget the wardrobe of narnia, yours is just so much more appealing!

    this latest set reminds me of tilda swinton in ‘only lovers left alive’

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