Shiny Collection


Now I need to post a shiny that was actually brought back from the field. My friend Sachi found this in Iceland, and as far as I understand it she took herself right to a glacier bed and systematically cracked open every rock until one of them yielded treasure. The most amazing thing, though, is that she gave it to me! Because (unlike some of us, I’m not naming names) she’s a superior human being, capable of parting with her finest shiny for the sake of friendship.


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7 responses to “Shiny Collection

  1. Sistarrrr

    I strongly suspect this is the petrified dragon egg.

  2. Whoooaa cool~ Do you have any idea what that mineral(??) is inside?

  3. sachikomurakami

    This is why I gave it to you. So the shiny would become a famous shiny.

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