Want List


It’s high time for one:

1. There appears to be a long coat trend underway, and I need to get in while the getting is good. I like anything that supports my (mostly carefully repressed in real life) desire to dress like a sorcerer. Plus, you know, jackets and coats are my favourite article of clothing. I used this one as my reference for the post, and though I went with the dark colour, I think the ivory one might be even better. Imagine that over an all-black get up. Alas, no shipping to Canada.

2. Winter has been dragging on and on, at least by Vancouver standards. It’s actually snowing! In March! I had to scrape it off my car with a cardboard coffee sleeve. I’m not normally a huge flower person, but I find myself really yearning for the cherry trees to come out already, and probably that’s why I also find myself wishing I had some sort of blooming house plant.

3. I could use some bright things in general. I doubt I’d ever wear a silk scarf, but I like to look at them. I based the drawing on this one. And I like to collect ribbons, mostly for the usual magpie hoarding purposes, but I’ll occasionally tie them around my wrists as makeshift bracelets.

4. Void scribble!

5. Posting about opals last week only redoubled my yearning for them: especially for those fossil ones. Why can’t I? Why can’t I have this shiny thing and be happy for ever and ever?

6. I need raspberry jam. I mean, no big deal, I’ll go buy some tomorrow, but what I really want is the jam you might encounter randomly, on a blistering summer day, in some half-abandoned roadside stall (the sort that has an unmanned slotted box for payment).

7. While my head is stuck in summer (normally my least favourite season, but incredibly appealing during February/early March), I’ll add that I’m overdue for some sandals.


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8 responses to “Want List

  1. Sistarrrr

    When I first read “Void Scribble” I immediately thought of Stardew Valley and the void chickens, eggs, and mayo… I am a person obsessed.

    • Marian

      Yes, I also thought it! Plus, I think the raspberry jam made it on to this list on account of my constant in-game canning.

  2. Jossette

    I love this. Not much to say but I don’t like to keep reading silently without showing appreciation of some sort.

    • Marian

      I’m 100% silent lurker, myself, when it comes to other website, so never any pressure to comment – but thank you! I appreciate the appreciation.

  3. Omggg you drew the fossil opal thing yaaas! They’re so dang cool!! That scarf looks really pretty too. I really really love how big floral patterns are right now. I want to just be covered in big fancy floral patterns~

    • Marian

      They really do look like magical items, don’t they (three uses before recharge, etc.).
      And yes, flower patterns! I especially love it when people do the clashing mix and match, no guts no glory, go big or go home. I like to imagine myself owning a ridiculous (but glorious) flower patterned suit, some day.

  4. Sachiko

    Dude, we have two Uniqlos in Toronto. Are they not in Vancouver?

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