Long Coat

I talked about wanting a long coat in my Monday post, so here’s the follow-up, proof of concept. This time I’m going with a long shirt dress turned coat sort of thing, and see how wizardly it looks? But in a mostly acceptable way? I think I could pull it off. Alongside, we have a nice tome of forbidden spells, a bone key, a demon trapped in a shiny, and a necromancer’s amulet (or the Necromancer Amulet, if you’re an Elder Scrolls nerd).


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5 responses to “Long Coat

  1. Sistarrrr

    But where does the bone key lead? A desert cave full of mysteries? Treasure?

  2. This is very wizardly! It actually reminds me of the desden files tv show aesthetic but like…more fashionable.

  3. Practically speaking, how did you trap the demon in the shiny, exactly?

    • Marian

      I dunno! It would have to have been a Sorcerer’s Apprentice situation, where I did it by accident and then couldn’t manage the consequences.

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