Here are some very, very rough sketches of my Ryder’s face, from over the past several weeks. I don’t want to settle on anything too specific before I’ve seen what I can wrangle out of the character creator, but there are a few features I’m hoping I can make work.

The protagonist in ME:A is only 22, so I decided she ought to have a round teenager face, but in contrast to that, I want her to have some impressive underslept eyes. I’m thinking I might go full biotic in this game, or nearly-so. Biotic sniper, if that turns out to make any sense in terms of gameplay. Anyway, I don’t imagine her being some ultra competent space mage, or certainly not at first. Rather, I think her biotic powers have been an intermittent nuisance throughout her life: the only thing they reliably deliver is a migraine 6 nights out of 7, thus the baggy eyes.

As far as personality goes, again, I have to see what the game gives me to work with; but at the moment, I’m imagining her as this sardonic, but otherwise fairly cold and logical person. Not cold and logical like my DA:I elf, who is at least 40 by the game’s end and has earned that shit; but like a painfully self-conscious teenager trying to be smarter than the adults, presenting a facade under which she’s playing a losing game of whack-a-mole with her bubbling magma-core of confusing feelings.

Once I’ve spent a few weeks with the game, I’ll draw her again, and compare!


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4 responses to “Ryder

  1. Migraines? The sketch where she’s in full profile…THAT’S a woman who gets migraines. I’m sure of it. And, for whatever it’s worth, she’s also the loveliest. Having said all that, there is much worthwhile in ‘impressive underslept eyes’, which, uh, profile lady does have. But if you want MAD baggy eyes…look at her on the viewer’s lower right.

  2. I didn’t realize Ryder was going to be so young. That definitely does affect things. My Lavellan questioned his own capabilities and was hesitant to lead, so I’ve already done the whole “finding myself and my place in the world” thing. Maybe I’ll go the opposite direction and make someone headstrong, and brace myself to make some terrible decisions at the beginning of the game…

    Anyway, I like the direction you’re going. Someone who knows how much is being asked of her, but who has already faced a great deal of adversity living with her biotic implant and learning to use her powers while still functioning on an everyday level. I love the sketch on the bottom left corner – squinting skeptically, thinking through a migraine, trying to work out the most logical solution while everyone is grousing at her about their departmental needs and petty feuds…

    • Marian

      At first I was annoyed at being stuck with such a young protagonist, but I’ve come around to it! Forces me to think differently.
      I like your headstrong direction – that’s about perfect for 22.

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