Current Outfit

This is a want-centric site, but even so, I reckon I should occasionally feature clothes that I actually own and wear. Here is my current favourite outfit, which consists of loose navy chino-type pants, and a sweater, and my beloved Engineered Garments shoulder hoodie (famous in Hchom song and legend), with a light work jacket. Plus the ubiquitous black converse, of course.

You know, as I post outfits on a regular basis, I’m gradually remembering why I employed the goblin model. I find that I have a lot more trouble drawing myself (vs the goblin) in anything remotely unconventional, plus, I feel the need to be brutally honest about my awkwardly growing hair (which will almost sort of stay tucked behind my ears, now, but not quite). It’s all cramping my style, as it were. It might be time to step out of the human suit, and resume business as usual, though I’ll still draw my giant angry bobble head in other contexts.


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6 responses to “Current Outfit

  1. shaggykorean

    Marian what big pockets you have!

  2. love this pic, though

  3. Ola

    You got the shoulder hoodie!! Dreams do come true

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