Want List: Summer Edition

I like summer best when it’s still months away, and I can convince myself that I’ll actually enjoy it and make good use of it. Here, therefore, is my summer want list.

1. Sandals. I’ve needed a new pair for a while, since the ones I’ve worn for years (featured somewhere in the dark archives of the blog) have become too fragile for long walks. I’m very choosy about these things, as well you know, so it’s taken me ages to find a replacement, but here they are, made by KikaNY. Look at them! They are perfect. They’re also brutally expensive, once conversion rates and border taxes are factored in, but I don’t care. I’ll sell my organs to the devil, or whatever. Something. I’ll make it happen.

2. I have a constant yearning for assorted colourful bracelets which I know I’ll almost never wear. But they’re very summery.

3. There was a brief window during which I didn’t need sunglasses, because my dad let me borrow his awesome old pair. But I lost them on a camping trip last year (SORRY DAD), so now I’m back to square one.

4. Another thing I’ve both needed and wanted for several years, building up to a point of desperation, is a hat. Mostly because I hate the sun and it burns us, but also because I sincerely want to look like a medieval farmer. But I have precise requirements, right? The hat must be completely unisex. The hat must be timeless. If the hat didn’t make an appearance in an illuminated book of hours, then I refuse to wear it.

5. Whenever I go to a beach, I have to pick up a bunch of pebbles, each one of which looks beautiful in situ, and then I take them home with me; the result being that I have a shelf piled with indistinguishable grey rocks. But I like them anyway, and I want more.

6. Last of all, tomatoes. My people – my sister and my bff – hate tomatoes, which makes me feel a strange mixture of guilt and smugness when I stuff them down in vast quantities.


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9 responses to “Want List: Summer Edition

  1. I’ve never liked tomatoes, either, but I admit I’ve always been jealous of those who do. They look so juicy and can make a burger less dry. That tomato you drew looks so ripe and red and shiny…

    You would cut quite a striking figure at the beach in your medieval farmer’s hat, with your your breezy linen undertunic and your braies tied up to your waist. No one would look as ready to plough, gather and winnow as you.

  2. I’m also jealous of people who like tomatoes! They look like they would be so tasty and juicy and I love how weird and varied they can look. But when I put them in my mouth it’s just….dirt flavored goo :<

    • Marian

      It did take me while to actively like them. They have to be all fresh and sun grown, but not too mushy… kind of a Goldilocks fruit.

  3. I bought myself a pair of Keens sandals and I think they are amazing. They are very resilient for walking and come in a nice variety of styles.

    • Marian

      Resilient for walking is key, isn’t it? I’ll only throw wads of money at a shoe if I can take it to the cobbler and get it fixed multiple times over the course of a decade (or so).

      • Since I just bought them this year, I can’t attest to their durability beyond my Vietnam trip. Also, I cannot comment on how easy they would be to cobble.

  4. “I have a constant yearning for assorted colourful bracelets which I know I’ll almost never wear”…I have the same issue! Lots of jewelry hanging out on my dresser :P

    • Marian

      I tell myself that it’s OK to own it just as treasure, even if I never wear it! But that’s probably not a great excuse… and still, I keep wanting more.

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