I know bracelets show up on a lot of my want lists, but that’s because they’re a powerful, ongoing want – almost a shiny-level want, really. And unlike other types of jewellery, or other brightly coloured things, they won’t go absolutely unworn. So let me break down the current crop in detail:

1. At the top of this list is what I call “the bracelet that will solve all my problems”. It’s made by a local designer, Anna de Courcy, and whenever I see a particularly well dressed Vancouver-person, chances are high that they’ll be wearing one of these (vintage watch-chain) bracelets; at which point I will stare at said person – creepily, with open longing – and interrupt whatever they’re doing in order to announce my admiration and jealousy. Anyway, these bracelets are beautiful, beautiful objects; and someday, in my millionaire-future, I will own one.

2. Next, is a sort of generic, beaded leather cuff thing. I’ve been seeing them around, and would like to find one for myself – or possibly make one, if the proper mood strikes. Here’s a particularly fancy example of what I’m talking about.

3. I believe that these Roxanne Assoulin bracelets might also have problem solving powers, especially if I could wear, like, seven or so at once – to stack the benefits, as it were. They look like chiclet gum, don’t they? But chiclet gum of the gods.

4. Last winter I read at least three books in which various characters wore bright red coral jewellery, and it gave me a powerful need to own some for myself. Maybe I can convince my sister to split a string of beads with me, so I can make us a matching set…

5. Failing everything else, I’ll always take bits of ribbon as a cheap stand-in.


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5 responses to “Bracelets

  1. There’s something almost preternaturally attractive about Chiclets, isn’t there? Like, I want to pop one into my mouth, feel it on my tongue, and chew through the candy shell, but there’s a deeper aesthetic draw to them than just that.

    Anyway, one of the (many, many) things I love and admire about your artwork is the amount of patience you appear to demonstrate in rendering the tiny details of inanimate objects, even when they’re repetitive or could be easily overlooked by another artist only interested in getting the basic idea across rather than communicating the essence of the thing itself. I have a tendency to view objects like a chore I have to render in order to carry the characters that I enjoy drawing, but you draw things with such care and fascination; It’s like you’re infusing them with an animistic spirit of life, making them inherently more interesting to me.

    I think that exhausts my daily allowance of artsy-fartsy talk, but I wanted to say as much.

    I wish I could carry off fashion accessories like these, but I’m forever worried that they’ll look like goofy affectations that’ll make it look like I’m trying to hard to have a “look.” I’ve always been jealous of artists who have a distinctive and memorable fashion sense. Mine is pretty much “middle aged white male gamer geek.”

    • Marian

      Oh man, that is so weird to hear, because I view myself as the most impatient, rough-shod artist ever: totally unwilling to put any effort into drawing things properly, or drawing things at all if they require more than vague lazy pencil gestures! I’m glad that’s not as obvious as I always assumed it was.

      I hear you on the accessories thing, too. I try to tell myself that NOT wearing something I like, for fear of it looking stupid, is actually more of an affectation than the other, but that all falls apart in practice. Oh well, slow and steady.

  2. shaggykorean

    i always imagine my winter soldier

  3. shaggykorean

    cosplay as a total one arm sleeve of bracelets.

    • Marian

      Ooh, then an X-men Colossus cosplay would have to be head-to-toe stacked jewellery! I fully support it.

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