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I’m arriving late to Patreon, as is my way. But I finally have (what I think is) a decent idea for it: monthly sketch requests, like back in ye olde tumblr days. As well as occasional comics (starting with the one you see above), and updates from other projects, which I currently have plenty of – and so on. Feel free to take a look at my page, and see if it’s of any interest to you! I’ll do the first round of sketches at the end of May, and I’ll add additional content steadily over time.

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Diary Comics

I wrote some diary comics for a class assignment earlier this year. I’d never previously had much interest in diary-anything, but I found the exercise really interesting and helpful so I’ve repeated it a few times since.

I have mixed feelings about the results. For instance, I find it really hard to walk the line between self-censorship and over-sharing. It’s a narrow line, at least for me, and much easier to navigate in fiction. But I keep coming back – one of my classmates told me it all read like a sort of profile, which I liked – so  here are some entries, and you can find the first set on my Instagram.

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The Hchom Book

The Hchom Book is coming out in a little over three weeks, on September 25th! This is what I’ve been working on (with much love and obsession) all summer. It collects most of the Hchom archives, but is also peppered through with new artwork, and I hope very much that you like it. Here’s the amazon link for a start, but of course I encourage you to pester your local comic book shop and see if they’re willing to order it in.

I have plans for a fun, supplementary project in some form, and maybe an art sale to launch it all, so more on that as September progresses!


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The Passing


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