Deadline Bolstering

My Scary Deadline foods of choice, at present, are meringues and strawberries. Though really they are just a stand-in for rice pudding, which nobody carries in the summer, but I’ve been yearning for it, and making Brandon walk with me to the grocery store every evening to check if any has been made.

Yesterday Claire and Brandon and I hit up ABC books on Broadway. I bought a nice chewy fantasy novel as deadline comfort reading. It had an odd fuzzy sticker on the inside front, which endeared me to it further.

And as the jewel in the crown of the day, I had a look at the sale at my favourite store, and they had just brought out from their back rooms the shirt I’d been fixated on all last year (and had thought was long sold out), now much reduced in price. Long-scattered stars aligned, and a bolt of light fell from the heavens, and I was proven the true and rightful King of England. Best shirt ever. Plus they gave me another chocolate bar.

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