Baked Beans

So Heinz baked beans are perfectly fine, and there’s nothing wrong with them, and I eat them all the time. But I when I buy something for myself, be it food, or clothing, or sundry item, I want to imagine that somebody out there put a particular hands-on attention into designing and making it. And maybe even they liked doing it, because that is their favourite thing in life, crafting whatever that object is. This is a crazy fixation of mine, and it means that I sometimes spend a really, seriously stupid amount of money on things. But I’m so into it, see? The crafting of stuff.

And wouldn’t it be nice, if there was somebody who was really, really dedicated to making the perfect baked beans? And wouldn’t you want to be friends with that person, or at least know where to find that product? They might make unusual flavours. Maple syrup and cranberry, for instance. Molasses and sausage? Yes. Spicy curry. It would be the best thing ever.

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