Equip Items

I read this the other day, on Garance Doré’s site, and man, there is something about a listed inventory of items that makes me want to immediately mimic it with my own version. Maybe all those years playing the old SNES rpgs, endlessly unequipping and re-equipping, are what did it. It’s an itchy nerve, and a deep one. I have to imagine standing in front of my closet in the morning, comparing the stats of my t-shirts. Like, +2 cold resistance, or immunity to sleep magic? Hmm.

So needless to say, I have no right to be telling anybody what my “top ten ‘style accessories'” (I needed to sandwich all the quotation marks I possibly could in there) are, and least of all with any sense of authority. Especially in contrast to sexy Emmanuelle Alt. Even though I think about my clothes way (way) too much. But’s it’s too late, is the problem, and I’ve gone and done it already because I couldn’t stop myself, and now I have the gall, the insolence, to post it here.

1 – Shoes: Zeha oxfords

2 – Socks/Stockings: Mostly none, but black wool men’s dress socks from November to February

3 – Trousers: Narrow (but [if possible] slightly roomy) black jeans. My favourites are by Acne.

4 – Dress/Skirt: I don’t own any of either, but we’ve discussed the possibility of a onesie dress.

5 – Jacket/Coat: Ok, this is a bit unfair, because the coat I drew up above I don’t actually have. Or rather, not in the colour and fabric I’d most like. Anyway, if life had any meaning at all, I’d own a navy wool Siren Suit jacket by Borne, this designer out of New York that only existed for a few years (as far as I know). This is the best jacket ever. Really. I don’t want to be one of these people who makes insane, hyperbolic statements about items of clothing, but I would SACRIFICE FIVE THOUSAND KITTENS to have one. I mean, writing books and making art is all well and good, but my real ambition in life is to find this designer, and implore her, weeping, with fists full of cash, to make me another one, please, just one more.

6 – Underwear: Cotton Jockey bottoms (cheap), and nice French bras (expensive – I’m a weird size, and it’s a bitch finding ones that fit well).

7 – T-shirt: Well-worn men’s white cotton t-shirts, altered on the side-seams (ineptly, by hand) for a nice, loose-narrow fit.

8 – Sunglasses: Whatever cheap (soon to be sat on and crushed) pair I’ve bought on the spur of the moment at the start of summer.

9 – Accessories: Lark handmade leather wallet. Though really, if I’m being honest with myself I should say a muffin from Our Town Cafe.

10 – Absolute basic for an evening: A nice woolly onesie, obviously.


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6 responses to “Equip Items

  1. MCU’s, like Cayce Pollard Units!

    “…MCU… a small computer on a single integrated circuit consisting internally of a relatively simple CPU…” -from the Wikipedia entry for ‘microcontroller’.

    I don’t suppose you’d be willing to do a listed inventory of shinies?

  2. (I’m commenting here because I try to comment on pretty much every blog I read (Brandon’s, for example), figuring that A) lurking is creepy and B) it’s good to know somebody’s reading, but in this case since I’m pretty much the only commenter, perhaps commenting is creepier than lurking? If so, ick, sorry, not trying to be creepy.)

    • Marian

      Commenting is excellent, though I’m a horrible, creepy lurker myself. Most of the places I lurk, though, have such a multitude of commenters, I don’t feel as creepy as I might otherwise. Anyway, if it’s just you and me commenting into otherwise empty space for the whole lifespan of this site, that will be just lovely. Particularly if you send me muffins with lockpicks baked into them (which surgeons will have to fish out of my guts).

      A listed inventory of shinies is probably the greatest idea that any human being has ever had, including the invention of the wheel, and using fire to cook food. I’ll absolutely do it, though it will be really, really long.

      And god, you’re right, this is like my (much less tasteful) version of CPUs. MPUs indeed.

  3. Oh, how I truly desire a pair of oxfords. A nice, black matte pair with a slight square heel.

    I like your MPUs. Nice, simple and it seems quite easy to pack up. Adventure!

  4. Sister

    I feel like moss dog is the perfect accessory. A designer look, and we basically picked him up from a moving sale.

    It is 1:15 all the crumble is gone, the macaroni is gone and I have 5 german berries left. I left the sausage at home for fear of consuming it too and becoming incredibly ill.

    Make that 2 german berries.

    • Marian

      He’s even grey and white, to match everything else I own. But actually, walking down the street, with all the attention he gets from people, I feel more like his accessory.

      Dude, I’m totally devastated that I forgot to take home a portion of that Mac&Chee. It was probably your best ever. Crumble was a fine breakfast, though. In fact I think I’ll make a post about it now.

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