I keep meaning to do a full inventory of my shiny things, but so far I’ve been too intimidated by the size of the task. Still, I like to gloat about them, so here are a a couple pictures of  some of my favourite ones.

I don’t remember all of the types of rock. I’ll make guesses, from top left: labradorite, cut fluorite (I think?), rough fluorite, celestite, faden quartz, rough ruby (not shiny but is placed highly for rank), herkimer diamond (lots of secrets), citrine (?), tangerine quartz.

This is a geode my sister got me. Best sister ever.

Almost all of these are from The Crystal Ark, in Granville Island. They must think I’m nuts, there, because I go in all the time, and I never want jewelery, and I have no knowledge of the merchandise. I just rifle around the whole store muttering about “secrets” until I find two or three things I like. So far almost everything I’ve bought has been in the $2-$6 range, but that can’t last much longer. All the really toothsome best shinies are more expensive, and I WANT them. It’s absurd. Absurd! What is my deal, man?

Anyway, more to come, no doubt (it’s my birthday soon, and birthdays mean shinies). I’ll also need to find another little old wooden chest, in the near future.


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12 responses to “Shinies

  1. Sister


    You too are the best sister ever. And I think Brandon and I do have a date for Granville Island pour tu.

    • Marian


      I’m really not the best sister ever, but I did feel pretty frantic that nobody was around to bring you pie the other night. I tried to get mum to do it, but she probably didn’t get my message in time.

  2. Why a *little* wooden chest? Go FULL PIRATE!

    • Marian

      I need to build up a big enough hoard before I go for the giant chest, otherwise it will just look sad. But don’t think I’m not imagining it on a daily basis.

  3. Kimiko

    I gave you one of those, didn’t I? BKE?

  4. Wood

    I hear there are even shinies that are mined in South Africa or places like that, and who sell for thousand of dollars. Even the small ones.

    Crazy, no ?

    • Marian

      How silly! They’re wasting their time out there, in those politically dubious mines. They should just come to my store and buy them for $3.00 a chunk.

      • You know, of course, that diamonds are extremely common and are only expensive due to market rigging and heavy marketing, both by DeBeers.

        You probably don’t want to get into the market-rigging game, but there’s no reason why you can’t use your drawing wiles to convince the world that in fact SHINIES are a girl’s best friend.

  5. Eve

    These are so pretty and precious, the tangerine quartz is mesmerizing! *_*

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