AW’10 Fins and Flaps

I can’t believe how many dresses and skirtish things made their way into this imaginary collection, given that I don’t own a single item of either. I suppose this goes to show that I would do, under ideal circumstances. Indeed, I think the onesie dress is what I want more than anything else amongst all of this stuff. Well, at least par with the thief jacket and space onesie.

People were curious about fabrics, so I’ll try to (ineptly) describe what I’d want to use (and I’ll edit the last post, too, with similar descriptions).

12. Crusades Jacket – thick quilted canvas, of course, and leather tie-thingies.
7. Transformer Shirt 2 – Crisp shirt cotton for the shirty part. A light knit (95% cotton, 5%wool? 90/10?) for the sweater part.
5. Fin Apron – Stiffish cotton, I guess? Like an actual apron, but you know, fancier.
2. Sock Legs – Extremely thin socks over thin opaque tights. Silk? Silk and wool? I’m not sure.
8. Sheepy Friend – sheepskin, ethically sourced, same as the leather. Sheep are guaranteed happy, and fed muffins every morning for breakfast.
11. Simple Jacket – I can’t decide, actually. Good canvas-ish cotton, I guess.
15. Onesie Dress – I think this would probably be best as a cotton/wool/poly blend.
13. Weird Uncle Sweater – Wool knit. Wooden buttons!
4. Fin Tank – Cotton jersey. The best stuff. Light but long-wearing. Puts on no airs.
14. Crazy Aunt Shorts – Dyed denim, on the stiff and heavy side.


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2 responses to “AW’10 Fins and Flaps

  1. angela

    are we going to get a goblin underwear edition?….you know my boyfriend is waiting for that one. ;)

    • Marian

      First thing tomorrow morning. Warn your manfriend, or the sexy goblin midriff and decolletage might be too much for him to handle.

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