Happy Birthday Marian

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent most of the day collecting components for this, the finest feast ever. Sadly I was cameraless, but this is fairly accurate. I want to do it all over again every day forever.

It was a propitious day for shinies, too. I’ll get around to those, and other presents, when I find my camera.


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21 responses to “Happy Birthday Marian

  1. Wood

    Joyeux anniversaire !

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like an incredible feast, even without real photos I still want to eat it all! Pear, apple and brie…I drool.

  3. Kimiko

    Last night I was rereading some Nigella and was getting inspiration for the feast that awaits you, aka, Marian’s birthday feast, part deux.

    • Marian

      I’m dogsitting Moss at my parents’ house this weekend, so I was going to suggest you guys come over on Saturday evening and help me raid the larder.

  4. That looks like a tremendous feeding! You certainly know how to celebrate (with knives)

    • Marian

      I was well fed. If I’d been alone, I’d have left off the knives entirely and just gone at it with my bare hands.

  5. nout

    I totally forgot to make the wishes ON THE DAY. Therefore:
    me = late + will flagelate later.
    Still, looks like you did well.

    You sure love your breads. One of the reasons I’m so happy to live in Belgium. We know how to make a decent loaf, bursting with grains, seeds & other chewy goodness.
    For instance, there’s this really dark one that has 16 grains.
    If it wasn’t so impractical, I’d send you a sampling… Or you come try it for yourself sometime.
    Also: Belgian cheeses, like beers, we have lots & lots.

    • Marian

      That is my favourite sort of bread! That’s exactly what I wanted to get for this feast, except that of course it’s impossible to find around here. I will actually have to take a trip to Belgium someday, to have it.

      • nout

        We’re having a fun comic-con in October, I can maybe get you in touch with the organisers, if you’re interested, it’s http://www.facts.be
        I’ll personally make sure you’ll be well-supplied in 16-grain bread, cheese & maybe some shinies. -_^

        • Marian

          Every day this last week, Brandon and I have had this conversation:

          Me: “Brandon, let’s go to Belgium. 16 grain bread! 16 grains!”

          Brandon: “Oh? Do you have a magical unicorn that will take us there?” (Such sarcasm! and then, after a thoughtful pause…) “Do you think they’d give me waffles?”

          Word for word. Now that magic unicorn just needs to show up already.

          • nout

            I can make waffles!
            Man, I would be so over the moon if you 2’d show up.
            This conversation isn’t finished. Let me check with some contacts.
            Also, regardless of anything, I think Belgium’s wonderful & I’d happily show you around!

          • nout

            Hey Marian & Brandon,

            I contacted FACTS, and they all outta money as most artists are booked already. Still, the both of you aren’t probably enough of a ‘draw’ to justify paying for it. Still, they wanted to let you know you’re welcome to book a table (if not this year, some other edition) at premium rate. They could even arrange hotel or similar.
            Anyway, I completely understand that cost-wise, that’s probably totally out of the question.
            Just thought I’d let you know.

            In other news, they’re opening up the previously pretty much monopolised postage-market here in Belgium. Who knows, maybe overnight shipping ‘ll be cheap enough for me to send you a 16 grain bread. Yea right.
            If you’re ever looking for a holiday destination… :-D


            • Marian

              Yeah, no, Brandon and I certainly aren’t famous enough to warrant guest status with airfare at any conventions, much less appealingly distant ones, so that is very understandable. Maybe Brandon will be, one of these years.
              And hey, I’d love to visit Belgium on vacation sometime. If we end up going to the French convention next year or whenever, I’ll see if it would be reasonable to swing up in your direction as well. I will do anything for good, dark bread.

              • nout

                That’s sounds like such great news! Do let me know which French con you’re considering, cos there can be no way to not make something like that work!
                Oh, & the French, for all their wonderful craft in the kitchen, suck at bread. No really, Baguette’s fine for maybe a week, but after that…

                Star-status: don’t sell yourself too short, your art’s got that instant likeable quality!

                On a different note, I’ve been trying to get a friend of mine get in professional touch with you; she’s a self-taught artist who, sensibilities-wise (and food-wise) reminds me of what i read from you. Be so kind & visit het 2 main journals, leave some comment (you don’t have to be nice if you don’t wanna :) ): http://sigune.livejournal.com/

                Thanks & be well!

  6. Happy Birthday Marian! Hope it was swell!

  7. Wood

    The first time I looked at that picture I felt like there was something missing, but I couldn’t quite figure out what…

    And now it’s struck me : wine, of course ! You gotta have some good wine with a feast like that.

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  9. kim

    happy marian day!

    such a splendid picnic,

    i hope you found a nice level spot in the shade

    that pear would surely roll down the slightest hill :)

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