Fantasy Adventure Food

Whenever possible, I like to arrange meals as fantasy adventure snacks. Perfectly normal, right? The above represents approximately the ideal fantasy adventure spread, but usually I make do with what I’ve got on hand. Streamwater, sadly, not a commodity of city life.



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19 responses to “Fantasy Adventure Food

  1. Kimiko

    Have you ever gone to the canyons in North Van? The water there is amazing*. I feel like if I drank a gallon of that and a 1/2 a gallon of moose blood a day for a month I would finally realise my true health potential.

    *Sachi claims you can catch Beaver Fever from it. I say she is wrong. She says she is right. Guess who’s never had Beaver Fever? I rest my case (in the absolute and smug way only an eldest child can achieve).

    • Marian

      I’m trying to imagine you hunting moose.

      I always drink the stream water at Bowen, and nothing has ever happened to me. But then I am a hearty barbarian woman.

  2. My version of this is: If I am ever transported to a royal or imperial court, anywhere on Earth, any time in the middle ages, I want to be prepared to impress the local regent with my cooking prowess. I plan my studies accordingly. #thousandyearoldtechnologyftw

    • Marian

      Sadly, I don’t think I’d be impressing any medieval rulers with my eating prowess, which is as much as I’d have to offer. Beware your granaries, yeomen.

  3. I don’t want to live in your cruel world devoid of Cheetos!!

  4. oh man, I am exactly like this! when I’m a fantasy art mood, I suddenly want to eat hearty stews, etc. salted venison sound yum! I’ve only ever had salted reindeer, very tasty!

  5. Kiel West

    This reminds me of being 8 years old. I would raid the fridge and make a backpack full of weird food and weapons, and leave the house before anyone woke up. I’d walk as far as I could from the house, into strange neighborhood territory, and actually make camp in other people’s yards. Luckily, not being a handsome child, I was not kidnapped for ransom.


    Kiel West.

  6. Young lady, you are missing out on one of the storied Nordic staples; Mead!

    Every Thursday I go to The Rabbit’s Foot Meadery in Santa Clara for cider (their black cherry is awesome), Honey Beers, and Mead. And one of the best aspects of the whole experience is that the bartender is a viking re-enactor/competitive combatant who occasionally brings his swordss and armor for us to play with.

  7. I’ve always wanted to try honeycomb ever since I was 7 and saw Baka tribes people climb to the forest canopy to get some (in a nature documentary). It looked like the most amazing and delicious thing in the world to me; though deep down my brain imagines it tastes like syrup soaked waffles.

    The shinies! You make me want to draw mine…. I have an emerald chunk that I ball my fist around when waking up in the morning. Shiny bonding with you was one of my TCAF highlights *blush blush blush”.

    • Marian

      Hey, weird, I remember seeing that documentary too. Or one exactly like it. It had a similar effect on me – and it must have been the start of my fixation.

      Please please draw your shinies! Not to sound desperate or anything.

      And I haven’t forgotten that I owe you an art package. I wish there’d been more hang-out opportunities after TCAF – I get all deer-in-headlights at those things.

    • It tastes like honey mixed with waxy rice paper.

      But pre-mars bar times it was probably the most amazing sugary hit you could get, living in a forest.

  8. if this comics thing doesn’t work out, will you run an inn on the edge of the forbidden forest?

    i would totally live in a windmill, all, ‘oh, you need stuff ground up into finer parts? I CAN DO THAT.’

    • Marian

      If this comics thing doesn’t work out, then damn it, I will run the hell out of that inn.

      You just keep those millstones ready.

  9. Anemone

    Your flawless perfection continues to break my heart (with its heart-breaking flawless perfection).

    I am tasting this food in the gullet of my soul! So thanks for laying out the spread. Your assortments are some of my favorite things.

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