Impossible Shoes



I’ve mentioned my yearning for shiny silver shoes on a previous want list (or maybe two, I’m losing track). I found the perfect pair. Seriously perfect, like, as far as I’m concerned they cannot be improved upon. And of course they’re totally beyond my reach, as anything perfect should be.

Shoes aside, I want to add a quick thanks to everyone who bought a pack. I sold out on the illustrations faster than I thought I would, so I’m taking my time on the sketches before I send them all out at the end of this week (later than I’d planned, but I think the delay is worth it). Drawing everyone’s sketches is always the best part.

Anybody who wants to jump in on a late illustration pack can still do that – I don’t have a lot of Hchom material left, but there are still drawings from my tumblr, and some other stuff along those lines. I’ll keep that open until the end of the month, as promised. The daggers will of course stay up indefinitely, and since I expect to sell them slowly I’ll take care to make each package really exceptional and full of good things.


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4 responses to “Impossible Shoes

  1. Someone had shoes like that at a friend’s wedding a few years ago. I was completely mesmerized by his feet.

  2. Have you seen these, Marian?

    They just popped up on my Tumblr and I remembered your impossible shoes blog post and had to share!

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