Shiny Collection


When I was a kid, opals were my favourite stone. I recall being very bitter that I wasn’t born in October (although the importance of birthstones was mainly tied to what sort of toy ring I could choose from the kiddy dentist office) and one of my mother’s few pieces of precious jewellery was an opal ring that I would constantly sneak in and handle, despite not being allowed to open her jewellery box unsupervised. So anyway, now I take extra glee in purchasing and hoarding this stone. Sort of like how I still, once a year, buy an entire box of chocolates and make myself sick by eating ALL OF THEM WOOO. Because I’m a grown up, and nobody can stop me.

Also, why not, here’s a bonus piece of rough black opal. It’s really difficult to photograph, but you can see a little streak of shininess in there.



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6 responses to “Shiny Collection

  1. shaggykorean

    when I was a young dwarf I worked in a pawn shop and fire opals were my favorite jewel.. I never embarked to purchase one for fear that one would not be enough but when they would come across my desk I would let them sit for awhile before being filed away.. like little galaxies they are.

  2. opal, nature’s glass!! amorphous silica is close enough to crystalline silicates, is what i say. but on a more stoney note, today i went to the gem store and picked up a great firey blue labradorite and a peaceful agate for a friend’s birthday, because this post reminded me that shinies are always a great gift. thanks for the inspiration!

    • Marian

      I remember being to surprised to learn that so many stones were essentially quartz in one variation or other. Your friend is lucky! Best gift ever.

  3. I realized I wasn’t very familiar with opals and my daughter was born in october so I just googled them and fell down an image search hole for like 15 minutes. I’m now obsessed with these wood boulder opal things? They literally look like magical items!!

    • Marian

      Yess! I so badly want one of those opalized wood fossils. Like, #1 on my shiny want list. So full of magical powers.

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