Life Drawing



I’m sorry to have missed Wednesday. I suppose I’d better accept the inevitable slide into more casual posting, as I move deeper into other projects. Some people are good at juggling many pins, but I have enough trouble throwing one in the air and then catching it again when it falls.

Anyway, here are some life drawing sketches. I did a drop in session last week for the first time in, I dunno, maybe not a decade but close enough, and I could practically feel the electricity moving through dormant parts of my brain.


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3 responses to “Life Drawing

  1. Emily Handy

    Thanks just for posting. I’ve been lurk-lurk-lurkin’ here for years, but I’ve never commented, so lemme just hiss a “thankss” from the shadows on behalf of all we nerds what don’t let you know we love your art.

    Living for it,
    This Kid

  2. So wonderful. It’s also been…. way too long since I did any life drawing.

  3. These are so pretty with all these different colors, I love it!! I hope work is going okay <3 <3 <3

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