Shiny Poster

A couple people have asked about it, so I added the shiny poster to the store. The shipping makes the price a little steep for a poster all by itself, but I’d be happy to add up to two more per order for $8 USD each (the card paper is thick, so I’m not sure if four or five will fit into the tube!).


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3 responses to “Shiny Poster

  1. Kit

    I immediately bought a poster pack – I saw that I needed to add extra postage, and figured it would let me do that at some point and it did not! I’m leaving a comment because I feel guilty, and also I’m mildly incompetent and couldn’t find your email.

    • Marian

      Oh, that is totally my bad for not putting my email on the store page! You can see it in the “about” section, though it’s not very prominent now that I double check – marianchurchland at gmail.

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