Sunday Croissant

I mentioned Baguette & Co. yesterday. Here is one of their almond croissants (rather mangled from the long walk home). I’ve never been to France (except to be driven through it briefly on the way to England) so I know that as far as the croissant experience goes, this must be a false ceiling. It is a really, really high false ceiling, though. With antique mouldings and elaborate gilding and frescoes of plump angel babies.

I’m considering, by the way, doing food posts on weekends, and drawing (etc.) posts during the week. I’m still rather feeling out my way with this blog, so we’ll see how things go.


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11 responses to “Sunday Croissant

  1. Matt

    I’m all about posting whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it. Plus, baked goods are just too awesome to be relegated to only two days a week.

    • Marian

      Yeah, you know, you’re probably right. And that’s how it’s going to turn out anyway, especially since I tend to never know what day of the week it is at any given time.

  2. Might not be a false ceiling. My wife Rachel (who lived in Grenoble in high school) and I have spent a lot of time in France tracking down the best bread and croissants we can find. The croissants at Rustica in Minneapolis are better than the best we’ve had in France, and the bread at Tartine in San Francisco is well better than the bread at Poilane in Paris. It’s not at all implausible that Baguette & Co. is indeed world-class.

  3. Kimiko

    Where is Baguette & Co., precious?

  4. Sister

    Well having been to France in the last six months sister, and having had said almond croissant, all I can say is enjoy your blissful ignorance. To be fair, Baguette & Co is better then most croissant’s dans Le France, mais le Creme de la Creme of fatty French butter and delicious and perfectly cooked and oh my good god I need to go back. I had almost forgotten what Pain au Chocolait tasted like. And Marian, seriously, we need to go. And I even bet northern France and Paris is totally more delicious then Southern France.

    • Marian

      Fine, bitches, let’s up and away. Off we go to France.

      I was going to say we could open up hchom (the cafe) there, but we would just be laughed at.

  5. I think all yours posts are fantastic. Food, drawing, or otherwise. That said, I’ve never had a decent croissant in my life. That looks astounding.

    • Marian

      Yeah, it’s hard to find them huh. At least, I was never interested in the standard limp-crusted north american grocery store variety either. But there must be a decent French-ish pastry shop somewhere down southwest, right? Maybe that’s what you sacrifice for having palm trees and sunshine.

  6. sachikopivot

    I’m not going to pretend like these last two posts had nothing to do with me breaking my bread-fast and procuring danishes and teabread from Whole Foods. Which go mighty fine with Tolkien and cozybed turning, admittedly, into a Cavern of Sloth.

    xo from TO.

    • Marian

      When it comes to tastybreads, man, it’s better to be a Bad Baby (BtbaBB?).
      Also, I’m imagining the teabreads at whole foods in TO as being exotic and foreign. Are they different? Are they better?

  7. sachikopivot

    No! Terra breads or BUST. They’re not nearly sweet and toothsome enough. Quite bland. But enough butter and blueberry jam on anything and it’s good. Also: pecan and rosemary raincoast crisps sandwiches. The filling? Butter.

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