I have strong feelings about Sandwiches. Pastry items notwithstanding, I consider them to be the perfect food. I mean, ok, I say that about a lot of foods. But they must be the perfect, hmm, composite food? That sounds convincing enough. Anyway, I could eat them every day forever.

My ideal sandwich  is a simple beast consisting of three items only: bread, mayonnaise, and one interior ingredient. So each of these things has to be fairly heartbreakingly fucking good in order for this arrangement to work.
Bread is the most crucial, for me. This loaf is from a new French bakery in Vancouver called Baguette and Co. They manage to get the outer crust just slightly caramelised. I love these people. I would fight wars in distant lands for their almond croissants. I want to be their infant child.

Ham and Polish mayo, here, are from Oyama Sausage Co. They source from well-treated, happy animals. I’m a big sucker for happy animals. I don’t often buy meat, however, because of the expense, and my most common sandwich ingredient is probably simple egg salad. Eggs, now. They are the perfect food for real. I also use cheese, sometimes. Well girded by expensive bread and mayonnaise, even Mr. Jub’s Fat Block Discount Cheddar tastes like something churned by virgins at dawn in the meadows of Southern France. Or close enough.

Anyway, the Sandwich. I feel that the key to success, here, is not being afraid of using masses of mayo, as if it’s an ingredient rather than just a condiment. I wouldn’t want two heaping tablespoons of Miracle Whip, mind you, but the real thing is a totally different deal. Plus, you know, you need to eat reasonable quantities of fat in order to absorb nutrients, right? I like this fact. It is convenient to my preferred lifestyle.


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6 responses to “Sandwich

  1. Great-looking sandwich! I concur on the masses of mayo.

    I’ve been baking my sandwich bread with about 1/4 cornmeal. (Not in my wood-fired oven though, blargh, which I only ever use for pizza parties because I am a lazy git. I made a caramelized-onion-duck-confit-and-olive pizza last night that everyone liked pretty well. Also a raspberry-blackberry-ton-of-sugar-lemon-zest-and-a-shot-of-Cointreau tart with a shortbread crust that was delicious although the crust turned out a bit soggy from all the juice.) I like the cornmeal-amended bread especially for mayo-and-leftover-roast-chicken sandwiches or mayo-and-leftover-fried-herring sandwiches. But I take it you seldom bake bread?

    • Marian

      Agghh, leftover roast chicken. THAT is my favourite sandwich filling, with a big wad of crispy skin.

      I don’t often bake bread, no – or not yeast bread at any rate. I’ve been making coarse soda bread lately (which I’ve been intending to post about) because it’s one of the few things that my ancient slum oven can handle, but I don’t use it for sandwiches. I’ve used cornmeal in pie crusts, though, for particularly juicy pies (like your tart).

      Do you really have a wood-fired oven? Seriously really?

  2. As a kid I used to eat Mayo sandwiches. I think they ruined me for mayo for life.

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