Impossible Jacket II

I guess this jacket isn’t actually all that impossible. Only for me, financially. I’m not even positive that I like motorcycle jackets enormously, but this one appeals to me with its quilted bits and less-pointy-than-usual collar. Plus, it’s made by this old, heritage company in England, that does exacting recreations of its vintage stock, made to your measurements and customizable (so for once it would not be too short for me). No fake distressing, or anything like that. Kind of fashionless. Plus, conveniently, I think it has a bit of a space sniper look to it. But then, I would.

The jacket is the “Super Monza“. Meaning that I would have to call mine the Super Monza Fighter II Turbo.


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10 responses to “Impossible Jacket II

  1. Sister

    Why is triangle shaped things so very space-esque? I know Star Trek made it so, with their chestsymbolthingys, but I think triangles seemed space age before then…

    I heart the alien rifel scope that enjoys flan.

    • Marian

      You’re right, I don’t know. I was just thinking “star trek” when I drew them.

      I want flan. Where does a person get flan?

  2. A) Can we see Space Sniper’s ride, please?

    B) Do you genuinely not make flan? That’s a shocking lacuna in your otherwise exhaustive repertoire. Here’s a recipe that matches what we do: Don’t spill the bain-marie water onto your glass oven door! But I confess I most often buy flan in plastic cups from the refrigerator case at our local taqueria.

    C) I’m changing my name to Flancisco.

    • Marian

      A) I suppose the space sniper’s ride might be something like an old Honda Civic with thrusters and an FTL drive (playing nothing but Meatloaf).

      B) Brief flashes of wanting aside, I guess flan isn’t something that appeals to me overmuch so it’s no loss to me. I prefer wodgy, textured things. My mind wanders instead towards replacing the custard with, say, something like rice pudding. I wonder if that would work. Baked rice pudding, in a mould. I might have just planned my weekend.

      C) That’s a good, ahem, flan of action.

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