Impossible Jacket I

Hermit week is over for now, and as usual I am burdened with absurd and impossible wants. There are certain things, of course, that I want all the time, with a kind of professional efficiency. Like pie. I want pie so much right now, with such well-oiled zeal, that I barely even have to think about it. It’s not that I necessarily want to eat pie, just this second. It’s just always better to have some pie on hand, ready for when I do.

Jackets are another thing I want professionally. They are the most transformative item of clothing, maybe. They are like armour. And actually, this one also is armour. And I want it – did I mention?
And this isn’t one of those fantasyish things that I’d feel foolish walking around in. I think it would look damned awesome, and very nearly normal, with a t-shirt and jeans. Am I going batty? I don’t think I am.

This jacket is really just a photo from an Eyewitness Medieval Life book that I dearly love. I know, these books are made for babies, but they are handy and visually well-organized, and I plunder this one endlessly. Anyway, look at it. Look at how the quilting has picked up the dirt. And the little leather lace fasteners. Don’t even get me started on how many tiny mewling baby kittens I would sacrifice to own a perfect recreation of this (clean canvas, though,  so that I could filth it up myself).


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20 responses to “Impossible Jacket I

  1. Kimiko

    I’ve seen this jacket minus the leather thingies in Chinatown. You could get one there, hit a leather working shop for the thingy supplies, spend an evening in eating pie, drinking tea and sewing them on, and then VOILA, your want becomes a have (precious).

    Kimi: she’s all about results.

    • Marian

      I actually kind of want one of those little-old-lady quilted jackets from chinatown just as a seperate thing, even if I couldn’t find exactly this. I should go poke around there, seeing as it’s just a ten minute walk from my apartment. I also need flip-flops, and don’t want to buy a pair of the ubiquitous $40 ones.

  2. All those lace fasteners look like a pain in the ass to do and undo, but that’s fashion to you…

    I think you could totally wear that jacket in the street today, nobody would guess where it was form.

  3. I’m an enormous fan of Amy Cutler ( because she is hyper-compulsive about getting cutting/stitching/fasteners/leatherwork right in her illustrations. I am now cutting that admiration in half and giving half to you.

    You could try hitting up Su Solo on Etsy ( and seeing if she would do a run of them. It’s simpler than a lot of her stuff, and I bet she could sell a whole container full. If she doesn’t want it, I can hike up a bunch of other Chinese and Thai custom-costumiers who could make you a one-off for non-backbreaking money.

  4. nout

    Those poor kittens…

    • Marian

      Alas, if I was actually faced with the option, it would all end with happy kittens and no jacket. It’s a handy currency of want, though.

  5. Victor

    Ah, but you can have it!

    Funny when I saw the illustration I thought, “That looks like a gambeson.” And of course upon scrolling further down the page your inspiration is exactly that.

    Check out this store, they are in Europe somewhere and I’m sure you could have this exact thing custom made if you have the spare rupees.

    I’ve actually seen their products in person, worn by students in my medieval fencing classes and they are top notch.

    • Marian

      Oh my god, you’re right, Gambeson type 5 looks like nearly the same thing, minus the leather. I may actually have to think about this… happy birthday Marian? Happy birthday Marian, and here is your custom Gambeson? Hmm.

      It makes me want to take up fencing again, too. I wish there was a group nearby.

    • aldonrae1 on November 7, 2011 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS GIVE AWAY, I REALLY WANT TO WIN THE BRUSH SET!!!my favorite food is MEXICAN, AND CHINNESE FOOD!!!!!!!IS SOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  6. angela

    hi =)
    i like your horn spoon…i recently saw an awesome collection of vintage horn spoons in a back issue of martha stewart living…
    martha always gets me =/

    • Marian

      Thanks! I have kind of a fascination with horn spoons. Apparently people who are really into oatmeal use them exclusively, because metal spoons give the food a faint aftertaste. This is the kind ridiculous, fanatic thing that I’m a huge sucker for, and now I want one.

  7. Aaron

    I know this post is ancient, but I came across it in my own search for gambeson’s…thought you might be interested in

  8. i know this is an old thred, but came across it sarching images of medieval life book. wonder if u ever found a jacket like this if not here is a link to one :) tho verry expensive

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