Impossible Jacket III

Now this jacket is seriously impossible, as far as acquisition goes. It’s made by Luxirare, and you can see it here. I find Luxirare to be fascinating. The stuff she makes (food and clothing) is almost always totally perpendicular to my own tastes, which is no impediment to my liking it. Sometimes I like it a lot, and sometimes I don’t. Often I have a strong negative reaction to it, and that’s interesting too.
Anyway, this jacket certainly doesn’t match my usual aesthetic (androgynous and plain in the extreme), but I think it’s very pleasant and wearable, even in its tits-out weirdness. Especially in its tits-out weirdness. Plus, you know. I draw a lot of topless women, so maybe I should put my money where my, uh, tits are.


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8 responses to “Impossible Jacket III

  1. A) “totally perpendicular to my own tastes, which is no impediment to my liking it” is the greatest thing I’ve read in months.

    B) Funny. I like the dress–which is way too girly–but not the jacket or the shoes.

    C) Fuck a codpiece; I want to see the Black Knight swinging a two-handed sword in a full suit of plate mail whose functionally-unnecessary stylistic embellishments are exaggerated breasts and hips.

  2. Ohhh, I freakin’ love that jacket. Would be so cool with that fur (?) skirt/kilt/pelt.

  3. Badness

    How dare you.

  4. Sister

    The slight lace detail is what is getting me. How amazing is this jacket.

  5. Bri

    This is great. I’ve been reading Luxirare for years and just browsed through your last three years of posts.
    Love your style!

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