Happy Birthday Marian?

My birthday is in under two weeks, so I’m more than usually glutted with my various material wants. Most of  them are totally unreasonable (what else is new). Here’s a small selection.

My birthday happens to be on the first day of the big, E3 videogame convention. So naturally, I’m hoping they announce the next Elder Scrolls game, as a present just for me. Come on, Bethesda! Happy Birthday Marian!



Of course, that means I’ll need a new laptop. Which I do in any case, because this one has started to overheat and crash with increasing frequency. It’s only a matter of time before it goes black in the middle of some terrifying late-into-the-night deadline, sending me spiralling into a mortal panic attack.



I think I must be going a little whoopsy in my old age, because I have an enormous fixation with this skirt. Come on, dude, what’s going on with that? I don’t wear skirts. Those are for girls, who have cooties, and are, like, totally gross. But what can you do, I’ve checked on this every day for the past three months, to make sure my size is still there. I don’t know why, it’s not like I can afford it under any circumstances. But if it sells, man, I will be seriously depressed.


While I’m asking for impossible things, why not my own cabin? That would be nice. Chop chop, world!



If I have a cabin, I suppose I’ll need a car. I miss having a car (poor Volpone. Frever sleep). Thinking about it, I don’t know a single comic artist who owns one… not full-time comic artists, at any rate. Hell, most of them can’t even drive, which shows, I guess, an admirable sense of resignation to their likely fate.

And now, since we’re getting really out-of-the-park (cars, yeesh), I’d like to have a shiny with a gift-granting creature trapped in it. I have a preoccupation with the “three wishes” concept. It must be a holdover from my childhood. I think about what I’d do, if faced with three wishes, on an almost daily basis. And actually, even after decades of angsting over it, I still can’t think of an ideal way of handling it. That must be the fascination.

Ok. To be more reasonable, these are things that I think I can actually demand:

Sunny weather? Well, no, I obviously can’t demand this. But it’s June, so would decent walking weather be too much to ask for? No rain, at any rate? Um. Not very much?

An almond croissant from Baguette and Co. Rain or motherfucking shine. One for breakfast,  and six more to make pudding with later on.




Is it finally ok for me to demand fine larder meats, now that it’s my birthday? I’m going to give it a shot, at any rate.







And a trip to the shiny store, of course. How could I not.


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11 responses to “Happy Birthday Marian?

  1. That is a shitting expensive skirt.

    Considering how much I appreciate good clothes, I’m such a cheapskate!

  2. I’m amused by the modesty of the car that you require!

    • Marian

      Ack, an expensive car wouldn’t be worth the fuss – you’d just worry about some hooligan kid scratching it. It would just turn you into a conservative older-middle-aged businessman, no matter who you were.

  3. angela

    for five hundred dollars i will make you that skirt.
    i will weave the cloth and everything.
    what the heck…why so spensive?
    also happy almost birthday.

  4. Jacqueline

    The possibility of a new Elder Scrolls being announced soon hadn’t even occurred to me… exciting! I love everything on your list.

  5. Haven’t commented before, but I’m a huge fan of your blog (and Brandon’s).
    Incredibly inspirational stuff.

    Now, enough with the obsequiousness.

    I figured I’d go ahead and ask if you’ve heard of this game called “Demon’s Souls”.
    Growing up, I was a big fan of Elder Scrolls IV, but now, I can’t really get into it or the new one. Although, I found DS, and it seems like it’s everything I could want from the TOS games and more.

    Plus you can make a barbarian~


    Hey, happy early birthday!

    • Marian

      Ahh, it’s a shame that I don’t own a PS3, because I do think that game would be just my thing. I can only hope it comes out for the PC someday (and when I have a new laptop). I hear its nice and challenging too, which gives it extra lustre.

      And thanks, I’m glad you like our stuff!

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