Cabin Adventures with Sister

At the cabin with my sister, for (in both our cases) a brief vacation. Much extravagant feasting. Injudicious quantities of pastry.


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3 responses to “Cabin Adventures with Sister

  1. nout

    Oh Wow.
    What’re those cherry-type things in the bag?
    I can make out German, but I can’t read what it says.

    Is that second picture what they call Canadian Bacon?
    Home-made pastries are the best.

    • Marian

      I can’t remember exactly what they’re called – my sister picks them up all the time (what are they, sister?).

      The meat there is actually the pancetta the local butcher makes (but maybe not strictly traditional). I did actually buy some Canadian bacon, though, so funny you should ask. It’s a bit more like a slice of ham, with a rind of fat along one side (like a cross between ham and bacon).

  2. John Christ

    mmmm prosciutto and cheese

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