Hchom AW 2010

I’ve wanted to do this for a while. You know, when I was a kid I would make whole lines of clothing for Yoshi? Female Yoshi, that is. Or “Yoshina” as I’d ingeniously named her. For anybody who’s confused by that, I mean the green dinosaur in Super Mario Brothers. Even then I was mixing worlds! How volatile! How precocious! Dude, I don’t even want to tell you how inane Yoshi looked in a pair of pants.

And look, there’s still no stopping me.

I’ll put up “runway” shots over the rest of the week. I know that Autumn/Winter 2010 is actually last autumn, but I wanted room to do it all over again in a few months time, see.

My main notion, here, was to only include things that I absolutely knew that I would wear, which makes it all fairly conservative in terms of design. Mainly this is stuff that I wish other people would just get right (or that other people do get right, at vast, grotesque cost). At some point in the future I’d like to do a whole set where the guiding priniciple is “holy shit, there’s no way in hell I’d walk the streets in that”. It would be all haubergeons and space suits.


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15 responses to “Hchom AW 2010

  1. This is jaw-droppingly brilliant.

    The people who get stuff like this right at vast cost are all your exact age, and they make stuff for their friends just like you do. Find them and befriend them! Have Warren put out a tweet or something. Nothing stands in your way!


    SOCK LEGS, TINKER COAT are my favorites but I think Hchom needs! to happen!

    Space onesie- what’s the fabric?

    • Marian

      I don’t know. I’d want it to feel a little, I guess, space-y, but on the other hand it would still have to work as, essentially, pyjamas.
      I’d probably want to do one version that had weird materials, and another that had cozy materials.

  3. wiiiiiiiii how nice!!! what about texture samples?

  4. !!!

    I want this to happen SO MUCH. I would buy the Gentleman Dress, the Fin Apron, the Fin Tank, the Sock Legs, and the Sheepy Friend in a heartbeat. (Well, if I had… money. But still!)

  5. angela

    never can have too many pockets…
    also…that transformer shirt (2) should be a real thing…is that a real thing? cause its awesome!

    • Marian

      I wish I knew. The transformer shirt (1) is kind of based on a top that my friend bought in France, that was jersey material, with a shirt bib. I just sort of dropped it down over the shoulders. Somebody else must have done this first, though.

  6. camden

    i would wear the shit out of all these but especially the fin apron and thief jacket! i’m with the other commenters — i’m ready to see for fabric swatches and thread colors.

  7. My wife and I know how to get stuff like this made and distributed (she used to do that for a living). If you want help let us know.

    • Marian

      Hah. As if I could handle another project. But no, if I were ever to try and make something like this go forward, I imagine I’d want to know way more than I do right now about tailoring and clothing design. Sometimes I’m tempted to just try and make stuff myself, lack of training be damned – I’m just waiting to have the free time and free funds for it.

  8. The space onesie I would totally wear snowboarding or surfing. All those jackets are really sharp too! And so sock legs, ooooh so warm.

  9. 1. Hchomkerchief.


    3. SHEEPY FRIEND!!!!!


  10. Sister

    I think the “Sup bra?” is a hidden jewel in all this. Images of football throwing pop collar guys dance in my head, in manzeirs.

  11. I’ve been waiting on someone to make the Gentleman dress for a good 5 years–banded collar and curved hem? YES, please.

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