Possible Jacket I

This jacket is a collaboration between the old British brand, Barbour, and Tokihito Yoshida, which probably represents some kind of grand apogee of jacket snobbery. And without quite knowing what I was doing, I preordered one a few nights ago.

Which I know is crazy, and this jacket is strictly not within my means, but look at it. It’s a golden hybrid of crusades gambeson and space sniper armour that I might never encounter again. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Barbour stock, because I’m starting to get impatient for autumn. I love autumn. I feel like it actually lives up to its nostalgic associations – or maybe I just feel that way because it suits me better than summer. Anyway, now I’m all set up for rooty things and pumpkin tarts and dark evenings and cold skies, and pocketsful of shinies, and snatching many glossy chestnuts. I mean, you know, more than I already was.


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6 responses to “Possible Jacket I

  1. kim

    i love how the bottom pockets are bigger, creating a pyramid effect.

    this armor reminds me of the padded armor my thief always bought

    in my d&d games… cause someone sly enough can pocket things inside

    the seams of stuffing! unlike leather armor that’s all hard and only

    useful so such daft things as combat!

    • Marian

      Ah, more videogames need padded armour for thieves! They tend to start with leather or chainmail, and then chunk up from there, don’t they.

  2. sachikopivot

    What’s in the pot?

  3. Wood

    unrelated, but…

    congrats on your Manning Award !

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