String Shinies

I finally fished these off my dead laptop. My laptop died a couple weeks ago, did I ever mention? It’s always a pain when that happens, but I got to buy a fancy new one (speaking of consolations).

Anyway, shinies on strings. The new cool.


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10 responses to “String Shinies

  1. Wood

    There were shinies in your laptop ? It was shinies-powered ?

    If I break my laptop, will I also find shinies in it ?

    • Marian

      Well, I can’t promise that. But if you break your laptop, you have my full permission to seek out shinies to make yourself feel better about it.

  2. sachikopivot

    Those are pendulums, Marian.

  3. sachikopivot

    (ps-that was Kimi)

  4. Ooh, pendulum theme! Goblin visits North Dakota missile silo from the ceiling of which swings a freakin’-huge shiny etching whorls in the dust.

    • Marian

      There’s only one reason a goblin would visit a place like that. To steal the shiny.

      You have an excellent eye for shinies, sir. I can’t wait to start your space sniper commission, as soon as this job is done. Best commission ever.

  5. Do want: a pocketful of shinies

    • Marian

      I’m with you on this. My intention, when the weather gets colder, is to have shinies in all the pockets of my coat(s). In fact, my next post is something to that effect, I just have to get off my ass and scan it.

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