July, so far

I’ve been total shite at posting things lately, but this July has been a sluggish work-laden slog. I know, I make comics for a living, so cry me a river and stuff. But it’s not all saucy concubines and one-point-perspective all the time, guys. Occasionally I have to do really difficult things like find reference images and use foreshortening.

Here on Hchom, however, I weigh consolations heavily, and this month has had a lot of them. Brandon’s friend David has been visiting from Japan, and he brought me the soundtrack for the old Capcom game Night Warriors. David has a way of zeroing in on your deepest wants and needs with laser-beam accuracy. Next thing he’ll be bringing me Hugo Weaving in full sexy man get-up.

Also, I got shinies in the mail from Fritz-of-the-outdoor-oven. Getting shinies in the mail is the greatest thing ever, and I highly recommend it to everyone as a general heal-all. My favourites are the two on the left. And the middle bottom one, which looks a bit like a tasty gummy. Thank you immensely!

Plus, you know, deadlines carry their own consolations. You let yourself buy ridiculous things, like bunny buns, in your desperation to be distracted. You stay up until 4am playing Mass Effect 2. But more on that later.


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4 responses to “July, so far

  1. angela

    i didn’t believe those bunnies were buns.
    but hell yes…they are! =)

    i found some giant marshmallows in my aunt’s pantry and they reminded my of you for some reason.

  2. Joe

    You’ve got to wonder why canned coffee has never caught on much outside of Japan.

    I’m more of a UCC and Pokka guy but you’ve got to appreciate the pure manliness of the pipe-chomping, Robert Mitchum-esque mascot of Boss, the coffee that handsomely wrinkles your face.

  3. kim

    those bunnies are BOSS!

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