Love/Hate List

Whenever David visits, for whatever reason, everyone makes a Love and Hate list. I don’t think there are any rules generally, but I like to keep my list to animal loves and hates, just so I don’t start getting overwraught and writing fiddly paragraphs. Therefore my list tends to be mostly food, as you can see. The “finest pastries and pudding” is really more of a category which opens up into its own long tree of specific items.

Speaking of which, I probably should have added bread and butter to the love side. Nubby bread and chilly butter. I’m sure there are numerous things I’m missing, but that hardly matters as anyone who visits here regularly will be able to fill in the blanks.

You all should tell me your love/hate lists. Come on, let’s have them!


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23 responses to “Love/Hate List

  1. John Christ

    An untouched field of snow
    A mountain hike
    Playing a drinking game outside during the day
    Morning beer
    Eating/Drinking something new in a different country
    Beach camping

    Miller Lite (really all Miller products.. “High Life” my ass!)
    My Job
    Going to another country and being served American cafeteria food
    The Raiders
    My work cellphone’s ring (but if I change it then I will hate the new ring)
    The movie Avatar
    The sirens outside my window right now (shut up already!)

    -scrambled eggs

    -jellied eels

  3. angela

    water color pallets that have circles of color
    night beaches
    curly hair
    new people
    road trips

    spider eggs

  4. Brandon


    Putting my feet on the heater while I read comics.

    Vancouver mountains
    (secret bases) shhh

    Marble rye toast.


    tangysmears and dunk a chunk brand food. ™ (c)
    bowl mugs.

    50’s clip art.

    bad computer art by good artists.

    Cloud from FF

    GQ magazine

  5. (+)
    When it’s so hot you need a personal box fan!

    grapefruit, cheese, chocolate, rye bread

    nail polish

    owning 1 million of everything to create choices

    being anywhere where i feel no one else is…generally somewhere in the outer rings of North Carolina for right now.

    naturally deconstructed fabrics, truly aged & possibly stained

    when people have no interest in honesty or truth aka A BAD ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE.

    snow (SORRY YALL. it’s always WRENCHING my plans)


    traffic tickets (cue: stress, internal rage)

    stepdads, family members you don’t really give 2 shits about

    anytime money is an “issue”

  6. LOVE:
    – Dragon Ball
    – Kung-Fu
    – Future technologies
    – Historical artifacts
    – Islands (I’m with you)

    – Photoshop crashes
    – Re-doing things
    – Erasing
    – Eraser Shavings
    – Sharknife Double Z taking 5 years to come out

  7. LOVE:

    – Comics
    – Single Issues Which Have Never Been Collected
    – Out of Print Art Books
    – Hunting For Illusive Comics, Single Issues Which Have Never Been Collected and Out Of Print Art Books
    – Uncle Scrooge
    – Empire Magazine
    – Superheroes Created By Kids
    – Tezuka’s Black Jack
    – Old Movie Theaters
    – Awkward Silences
    – Beta Ray Bill
    – Dick Jokes
    – Shaolin Cowboy
    – VHS Tapes
    – Savage Dragon
    – Burritos
    – Damian Wayne as Robin
    – Vinyl Records
    – Madman
    – General Tsao’s Chicken
    – Anything by Moebius
    – The Ladies


    – People Who Act Like Buttholes
    – ALSO SEE: Bitter People Who Try To Bring Not Bitter People Down With Their Bitterness
    – ALSO SEE: Flakes
    – Comics Made Solely To Be Movie Pitches
    – Black T-Shirts With White Text Saying Sarcastic Bullshit
    – Fans Who Get Pissed When Their Favorite Musician/Filmmaker/Cartoonist Make It Big
    – Missing The Bus/MAX Train
    – Lazy Comics Writers Who Kill Characters Without Creating Anything
    – Especially Ones Who Do So With AIDS In A Sad Attempt For Relevancy
    – Creators Who Don’t Create Any Creator Owned Comics (this makes me more sad than hateful)
    – Cliques
    – There Not Being Six Volumes of Sharknife By Now (hey, Corey)
    – Almost Everything By Moebius Being Out Of Print
    – 4Square

  8. LOVE

    – The winter morning before school ritual of hot chocolate and gingerbread men with my boys, Phoenix and Chase.
    – Watching Doctor Who and True Blood with my beautiful fiancée Leila.
    – Joe and “YOSH”, as I would have no colouring portfolio without them haha (Thanks guys!)
    – Wil Huygen & Rien Poortvliet’s “Gnomes”.
    – Talking comics and / or Doctor Who with the customers at the comic shop.
    – Detouring along the beach on my walks to work in the summer.
    – That after three years, Leila has never found out the lounge got broken while Phoenix and I were pretending the floor was lava haha


    – Parents who insist their kids read / watch the same things they did growing up.
    – Scanning.

  9. Revo Dubois


    -Coffee / Pabst
    -QotSA really loud while driving over 90
    -Late nights
    -Chashu Ramen
    -The Pacific Ocean
    -Keyboards and guitars

    -Not attempting to draw anything comic related in months.
    -Being Broke
    -“On the Road” By Kerouac cause I can’t seem to finish it.
    -My awkwardness around people when they first met me.
    -Not owning a cintiq…

  10. so cool..and now i know what are things you like and hates

  11. great..nice to know about your list of hates and loves

  12. Wood

    Love :

    – comics
    – traveling to foreign countries
    – any building that is more than 300 years old
    – archeology museums
    – Faulkner, Conrad, Stevenson

    Hate :

    – Pointless internet arguing
    – Twilight
    – Shopping for clothes
    – TV news

  13. Claire

    In particular, lately.

    -trees at their maximum size
    -video games that allow you to properly scavenge

    -trees that have been topped, pruned, closed-in
    -stores where everything is kept in locked cabinets
    -yellow cars that aren’t cabs or school buses
    -wine glasses, champagne flutes

      • Claire

        Addendum: if the car can turn into a big metal dude capable of playing frisbee, (still unsure what Transformers actually, you know, do) than it’s exempt from my Hate list. Otherwise it’s just yellow-ly demanding attention and simultaneously not taking kids to school or saving me from some rain-blasted street corner downtown at 4am.

        And on second thought, Bumblebee had better ferry kids to school AND take fares, on top of the frisbee action. Or be painted red and re-named Ladybug. DEAL WITH IT BEE.

  14. I love:

    single issues of funny comic books. Laughing on the train ruins everyone else’s day.

    I hate:

    uhhh, I live in New York, won’t fill your blog up!

  15. wow so amazing list

  16. this was great to all about these

  17. Ellie

    -fans at night
    -grapes that dont taste like grape juice
    -Sleeping (alot)

    -People who dont hold the door, or say thanks when i do
    -Unnecessary adjectives
    -Brushing my teeth
    -not fluffy pillows

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