My little sister (I always knew she was pestiferous) managed to give me strep throat in the middle of August. It’s not so bad, actually. I’m too sickly to be stressed out about all the work I’m missing. Plus, I get to eat my classic gross sickness foods: heavily buttered white bread with salty ramen. I can’t taste anything, but somehow the fat and the salt make a pleasant impact. It must be the staying home from school associations.

What I really want is one of those ramen bowls that has a lid, you know? It’s easy enough to find the little, lacquered miso-sized ones, but I haven’t been able to hunt down a bigger version.

Anyway, I’ve been too much in the slog for proper goblinery and so forth, but I should at least be able to post a big whack of the usual muffin + tea pictures that everyone must be bored with by now. I’ll do that soon.


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6 responses to “Sickly

  1. Lj


    Just wondering, are any of your comics available to buy on the ipad? Or do you know any good ones that are? Love your style!

  2. sachikopivot

    You can get those bowls at those Japanese tableware places that are at …T&T? Or… hmm… There used to be one at Metrotown.

    HBT & ramen = so cozy.

  3. sachikopivot

    Utsuwa no yokata:



    I remember seeing medium-sized ones, though.

  4. It’ll be a hard slog but I think I can wade triumphantly through the mountains of muffin and tea pictures when you post them. Sword in hand, leaving a puddle of saliva where I go.

  5. sachikopivot

    I knooow! Judah’s favourite food is now ham. HAMMUUU!!!

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