Want List

I made this want list a couple weeks ago, before I came up to my aunt and uncle’s cabin. So now that I’m here, it all seems pretty absurd. Most of it. Maybe not the biscuits, I definitely need those. Anyway, is it just me who has a folder of links to things that I want? These are the items that are currently in that folder.

1. MAN SWEATERS. Are superior to woman sweaters, I think. I like this one (pockets), and this one (Danish?).

2. I’ve had a link to these Irish scarves (under Donegal Tweed > Scarves) in my “want” list since I was about 18. That’s 10 years of wanting, man. Seriously. Maybe I should just get one of the damn things. I like 5507 best, I think.

3. Biscuits. Well. These biscuits obviously don’t exist. But guys, let me tell you, biscuit week was a huge failure, at least in relation to my grand plans. Because packaged biscuits? Yeah, it turns out that they mostly suck piss. But I still have this specific yearning for a perfect tin of assorted biscuits. There has to be one out there somewhere.

4. Ok, wooden cutlery? I know, but I WANT it. And it’s only 30 bucks (notincludingshippingandconversionfees). Is it really so bad? Can’t I just have it? Do I really have to bend to the world’s conservative notions about what’s practical vs. what’s impractical? I should just… get them, precious? Because I am a revolutionary? And a freedom fighter? I mean, tell me I’m not a freedom fighter, here.

And though I don’t get Hchom, mixed up with, like, Elevated Things, and Stuff, I’d like first edition copies of these books (for a start). I figure they don’t count, because I want them only as Treasure.


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13 responses to “Want List

  1. kimikimikimi

    1. Mr. Rogers would so be all over those sweaters.

    3. Nigella has a recipe for digestive biscuits! Mmm…those, with some super fancy, super dark chocolate melted and smeared on one side.

    4. Wooden cutlery actually gets splintery after awhile. For reals. I suppose you could regularly season it, but really? Have you seen the bamboo stuff around? Cheap! And you know, you like the Asian stuffs.

    Would we say Asia stuffs?

    • Marian

      1. I want to deny it, but I can’t

      2. WHERE IS 2?

      3. I am so down for that. In which book?

      4. Mine is special and won’t get splintery, though. It won’t! And where is this bamboo? Are you sure it’s up to my exacting standards? Are you sure?

  2. Brandon

    freedom fighter.
    Freedom fighter and oppressor of woman sweaters.
    you don’t sweat no sweaters.

    I’ve come to believe that part of your charm is your ability to make reasonable things seems unreasnable in your hard core x-tream wanting of them.
    But this is a fine list.
    Now hurry up and come home so you can demand tea.

    it’s like that.

  3. sachikopivot

    That blue sweater is bloody amazing. And the other one would look mighty fine over a well-worn onesie.

    You have inspired me to re-button things with wood buttons… now, just to find said buttons.

    And mnngh, irish scarves! I am in love with the darker herringbone weave ones (5504!). I think 33 euro + 10 years of wanting = deserving. That’s like 3.30 euro a year. You’d actually be making money.

    • Marian

      Damn straight! It’s like I’m throwing away money if I don’t get it.

      Wooden buttons. Nom nom. I don’t know what the hot button hook-up is in Toronto, but there must be one somewhere. Oh, did I mention I’m coming to the Toronto comic convention next spring? Brandon also. So visits.

  4. sachikopivot

    come stay with meeeeeeeeeee!

  5. John Christ

    I may actually have a first edition of “Wizard of Earth Sea” though it is in storage and is only a paperback. Not positive if it is first edition but it is definitely old.

  6. Kirk

    This is an admirable list. Particularly the sweaters; I like the blue one. I have a few like it, but they only button at the neck. As for the scarf, my wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland sometime in the near future (2012 maybe?). If I see one of these Donegal scarves while there, I’ll be sure to pick one up for you (if I remember, that is).

  7. Kasper


    I just found your site and is working my way back through the pages, lovely writing/drawing, thanks!

    The sweater is indeed Danish, from an old danish sailor brand called SNS Herning, and as an owner of one i can attest that it is probably one of the best pieces of clothing in existence.


    (yes it is bloody expensive, but i’ve used it non-stop for four years and it is still perfect)


    • Marian

      Thanks very much! And you are convincing me more and more about the sweater (It’s remained in my thoughts this whole past year). How is it, sizing-wise? Tightish fit, or looseish fit, or average?

      • Kasper

        Hm… the fit is probably average, but it is really heavy and originally made for men, so maybe it can feel bigger. I really can’t recommend it enough, i disappear into it come winter, and laugh at the elements!

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