Impossible Jacket V

This is a “Yoshi Kondo” jacket from my favourite store, LARK. Well-wedged in the realm of the impossible. And kind of girly for me, I thought at first, but maybe not so much girly as Little Lord Fontleroy-ish.

Little Lord Fontleroy turned scampy street rat? Can I get away with that?

The deadline that ate Schenectady is nearly done – I’m just waiting on any final changes. Of course, all the things I put off until the deadline was finished are now combining their powers to make a new sort of (Captain Planet) deadline, but that’s ok because most of it is stuff I’m excited to get on with.

What I’m dealing with now, chiefly, is a glut of wants and needs, and nowhere to put them. There might have to be lists.


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7 responses to “Impossible Jacket V

  1. John Christ

    Forget the impossible jacket, check out this impossible bra! Practical and a potential accessory for any post-apocalyptic Multiple Warheadz, Russian tundra, survivor/ werewolf.

    • Marian

      Hey! That invention discriminates against people who have cup sizes too small to fit over the lower half of their face (don’t think I didn’t try)! But otherwise, it’s completely sane and reasonable.

  2. I agree, the pinch at the waist makes it a little girly. Less pinch=perfect.

    I’m choosing to imagine you wearing this outfit and carrying nothing, walking down the street. Suddenly a shot rings out. Instantly you become a Bullet Time Ninja and whip pencils, pens, Bristol board and kneaded erasers out of your pockets, finish all your deadlines and get everything re-stowed before the echo even dies.

    • Marian

      My editors would probably choose to imagine me that way too.

      You might be right about the pinch. Though it’s not pinches that hamper my personal needs, so much as hems that kick out, or flare, or whatever. I haven’t tried this jacket on in person, but I’m inclined to think (however conveniently) that it wouldn’t have any pinchkickoutery going on at all.

  3. Whenever I see your little goblin-self-portrait art, and especially the contents of your pockets, it makes me want to go off and play an Elder Scrolls game! And I’m really not even a fan…

    Maybe I’ll just go take some sort of wilderness adventure-journey~

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