Biscuit Week II

Oaty biscuits are the best biscuits, yeah? Higher wodge factor and all that.


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8 responses to “Biscuit Week II

  1. Raja

    The only thing better than a hob nob is a chocolate hob nob.

  2. kimikimikimi

    Updato potato, please.

  3. sachikopivot

    I second the updato potato.

  4. Rip Nugget

    Fuck yoooooou! I needs me some more goblins. I could care less what kind of hippy bullshit you stuff down your cake hole. GOBLINS. Got it? Goblins with fish shaped knives carving gems out of statues buried deep underground. Goblins hollowing out giant carcasses and making a shelter out of them. Goblins wearing Prada. Shit. Who cares? GOBLINS, YO.

  5. Rip Nugget

    that’s probably fair. :(

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