Biscuit Week I

My sister is demanding new posts, and all I have to talk about are deadlines and packaged biscuits (which is mostly what I eat when I have deadlines). But hey man, we can make this work.

I’ve eaten about seven packages of this type of biscuit in the last few weeks, partly because it’s easy access, and partly because it’s a damn fine biscuit. Excellent tea dippability.


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8 responses to “Biscuit Week I

  1. good biscuits are hard to come by!

    survive those deadlines on delicious real vanilla! go go go!

  2. Sister

    Thanks you for the quick response to my irrationally demanding e-mail. I also think you should blog about the present I left you on the kitchen table. The present you have yet to receive….

    I feel like my birthday month is so anti-climactic. Oh hey September nice to seeBAM, birthday. I wonder if you need to write a post about how to draw out birthday and other holidays for multiple days, even weeks.

    Also…. fall line for hchom goblin?

  3. Glad to hear you’re alive and (sort of) fed! Good luck w/ deadlines!

  4. angela

    i missed posts…
    i don’t mind if they are only about biscuits and tea…tea biscuits….dipping said biscuits in tea…drinking said tea.
    the tea i am drinking right now sucks tho.

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