Fruitcake. Why is nobody but me ever excited about it? It has all the right virtues (it’s unecessarily rich and calorific. It’s pain in the ass to make and/or expensive to purchase. Marzipan is optional). Oh well. All the more for me, suckers.

I have no source for good glace cherries or peel, so I use figs and dried pears instead. I miss the cherries, though, however tarty they might look. The cherries are like the shiny hidden treasure.

Speaking of which, and while I’m at it, here are two new shinies. I’m having a serious problem with my lack of shiny storage. I need to find myself some nice, small, weathered wooden chests, and damn well pronto.


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15 responses to “Fruitcake

  1. Approximately how big should each chest-compartment be?

    • Marian

      The one I use now, which is busting at the seams with shinies, is about 8″x6″x4″. I just need to poke around some antique stores and hope I find something not too pricey.

  2. kimikimikimi

    I heart fruitcake like nobody else’s business (except maybe yours).

    • Marian

      Oh yeah, I did know that. I keep not getting around to sending you guys a package, so maybe it will turn into a christmas package with fruitcake.

  3. sachikopivot

    figgychristmasbread! nom.

    I am in love with the shiny on the right. What are they?

    • Marian

      I can’t remember what the other is, but the one on the right is rose quartz crystal… which, the lady assured me, is different from normal rose quartz. I guess because it formed the way crystals form?

      • Joe

        According to Wikipedia, apparently when rose quartz is in crystal form it’s called pink quartz which I’m guessing is what you have (and Wikipedia claims it’s rare…so there’s that). But this page seems to suggest they are two distinct different types of quartz so I don’t know.

        So apparently not all types of quartz are crystals.

        Judging by the color, the shiny on the right might be another form of quartz called amethyst.

  4. sachikopivot

    p.s. this post put the Love Cake song in my head, only now it’s Fruit Cake.

    • Marian

      Ah! These cute girls with their god damn kazoos! I’m like the shameful opposite of them.

      “I want to make me a fruit cake,
      I want to make one you can’t take”

  5. sachikopivot

    So elegant! (The cake and the crystal.) I also have a package for you. SOON.

  6. I love your new shinies :)
    Also, I am a BIG fan of xmas cake. And how can you have xmas cake without CHERRIES. its a sin!

    • Marian

      I know! I’m not even that picky, as long as they don’t taste bad. But if you saw the cherries here, you would see my predicament.

  7. matthew

    iced fruit cake is my crack (aka xmas cake or wedding cake or any fucking cake with icing) give me a loaf sized portion of that foodstuff that brings on a gollum like behavoural changer when anyone else tries to eat the precious. luckily i have a giant novilty wooden spoon with “scotland” printed on it to bring rightous fury on all that lay claim to that which they chipped in on buying during the weekly shop, they claim to be my family!

    • Marian

      It sounds like if the two of us were shut up together in a room with (iced) fruit cake, we would quickly claw each other to death. But since you are not currently threatening my cake, I’ll say that I’m glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t like sharing. Sharing! Cake! Why do people do that?

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