This is just a quick note to say that I’ve axed, and brought its remnants over to Hchom (see “Books” and “Bio”). I never updated it with news, and Brandon is much better at caring about that sort of thing anyway, so I’ll just officially leave it to him.

I’ve also revised the About page. Forever sleep, wee goblin titties.


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9 responses to “Merge

  1. Probably a good idea to keep it all in one place. By the way, have you seen the in-game Skyrim trailer? What did you think?

    • Marian

      The morning it came out, of course. Looks beautiful. I’m glad they showed some different player types, and very interesting to see all the fiddly things that various npcs were doing (chopping wood, playing a lute-thing, etc).

  2. The new About page is pleasing!

    What counts as potions?

    • Marian

      Well, hmm, kombucha I guess. Maybe ginger beer, if I ever got around to making it. My love of potions is admittedly more theoretical than practical.

  3. I’m digging the merge! Also, for some reason, I love Bio pages – yours is grand :D

    • Marian

      I love Bio pages too! They are my favourite part of any website. I hope to add to mine a bit, but I find them oddly difficult to write despite my enduring love for them.

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