Hchom S/S 2011

So here is my next round of imaginary clothes that I wish I had ready access to. Perhaps there’s not much actual summer content in there, but I’m not all that wild about summer clothing anyway (and Vancouver doesn’t provide much in the way of hot weather). 

“Runway” shots will arrive over the next few days.

And here’s a link to last fall’s line, for anyone who’s curious.


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7 responses to “Hchom S/S 2011

  1. monique r.

    This lies somewhere between Rodarte, TRON for Opening Ceremony, and Alexander Wang.
    A.K.A. LOVE & Currently shipping a sewing machine and myself to Vancouver in my dreams.

    • Marian

      Then you’d be like a fashion fairy godmother! Or godsister, maybe.

      I thought you were making up TRON for Opening Ceremony, until I searched it and saw that it was in fact a real thing.

  2. Man, I really admire your thought process in all your posts (and dedication to collection-making). Can’t wait for the runway images.

  3. nout

    Hi Marian,
    Love your designy stuff. I was wondering, what with the space theme & such, if you guys’d seen the movie Pandorum? I really liked it & they had some fun costumes there.

    Be seeing you

  4. Emma

    I am sad that these aren’t actually being produced! Most excellent.

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